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"Capturing raw and authentic moments through documentary style storytelling"


Who I am

Hello, I'm Stef, a Sydney-based photographer specializing in family, couple, newborn, and maternity sessions. Beyond my lens, I am a devoted wife and the proud mother of two little angels.

My journey into the world of photography began in childhood, inspired by my father's passion for the craft. This early fascination with freezing fleeting moments evolved into a lifelong pursuit. However, it wasn't until the arrival of my firstborn that photography took center stage in my professional career. Initially drawn to elopements, micro weddings, and Christenings, my focus organically shifted towards capturing the unique dynamics of families and the delicate beauty of newborns.

As a mother myself, I've come to appreciate the preciousness of time and its swift passage. Despite being a photographer, I've yearned for more captured moments, particularly of my children, recognizing that memories fade, but a photograph endures.

I firmly believe that photography is a powerful means of preserving cherished moments. My commitment extends beyond mere technical expertise; I am dedicated to crafting an experience that is not only visually stunning but also imbued with a relaxed, enjoyable, and memorable atmosphere. The goal is to create timeless images that, years from now, transport you back to the laughter, the genuine emotions, and the authentic connections.  

Irrespective of the circumstance, my mission remains constant: to document your narrative by capturing the nuances, from the hearty laughs to the sincere emotions, each frame reflecting the genuine you—a snapshot of a moment in time.

Your story, whatever its chapters, deserves to be remembered and treasured for a lifetime. If this resonates with your vision, feel free to get in touch.


 Let's talk

For all enquiries including bookings and collaborations, please email:

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Thank you.

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