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Pricing 2024

My session prices for family, couple, maternity, proposals and newborn sessions are as follows (these prices are all-inclusive).


For event/occasion photography as well as styling/creative collabrations my packages range in price based on your needs and specifications, however starting prices are as indicated below.


For more detailed information on the packages I offer and their inclusions please send an enquiry to:


I will do my very best to get back to you as soon as possible!

Golden Hour (outdoor) Sessions:
Family: $690
Couple: $690
Maternity: $690

Other Sessions:
Newborn: $720
Proposals: $750

Christenings/Baptisms: from $690
Events/Parties: from $650
Engagement parties: from $720

Elopements: from $1,500

Styling/Creative Collaborations: from $420

Website Photography:
from $640

Please note:

The pricing for my Web Design and Email Set-Up + Management Services is highly dependent on your specific needs and individual requirements. Providing a precise cost estimate without relevant information can be challenging. If you're interested in obtaining a tailored pricing quote for your project, please reach out to me. I'd be happy to discuss your unique specifications and provide further details on the pricing structure that aligns with your specific goals. Let's connect and explore how I can assist you in bringing your vision to life effectively and within your budget.

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