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Heirloom Book

In a digital world, there is just something so special about keeping tangible memories. A Heirloom Book is a one of a kind, timeless investment that you will be able to pass down and cherish for a lifetime. 


I work with true Artisans, who produce especially unique, (and dreamy) high quality photo books made from only the very best materials. These Heirloom Books are hand constructed using Italian book binding machines and techniques. 

Each Heirloom Book offers beautiful personalised touches, with details including:


- covers in linen, leather composite, velvet and more


- full double page continuous spreads


- engraved personalised details


- linen or leather look covered box included for sizes 10x10 and larger


- hand-dyed pure silk place holders

If you are interested in ordering a Heirloom Book, please send an enquiry to:

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