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Imagine yourself with your family sitting around the table 20, 30, 50 years from now. When your children or grandchildren ask you about your love, your life, and all the places you’ve been, what will you have to share with them? Will it be jpegs on hard drives? Or will it be real prints that you can hold & share? In a digital world, prints have become scarce yet all the more precious. That’s why Heirlooms are at the heart of how I serve my clients. Not only will you have photographs that feel genuinely you, you’ll have tangible photographs to cherish forever.

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Heirloom Photo Book

A Heirloom Photo Book holding those precious memories to treasure for a lifetime

Matted Prints box.jpg
Heirloom Box

Handmade paper prints kept in a beautiful custom heirloom box

Hand Made Paper Print Frames.jpg
Heirloom Prints

Handmade paper Heirloom Prints framed or mounted

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